Branching Out

Rothe House, Kilkenny, 2023 (Collaboration with Rachel Botha)

I worked together with Rachel Botha to facilitate Branching Out. This event invited artists based in Kilkenny to join the table to collectively share and listen. This communal space was created to reflect on the challenges and joys of being an artist in the context of Kilkenny. By starting the conversation we hoped to gain an understanding of the art community’s needs and worries in order to strengthen connections and encourage future self-organisation.

We served refreshments using ingredients sourced from the 17th century garden of Rothe House.

Branching Out is the initial event of a wider research project led by Rachel Botha that aims to work with artists to promote the arts in Kilkenny by taking a collective learning approach based on exchange and deep listening.

Supported by Kilkenny Arts Office