Common or Garden

Chris Alton, Jérôme Bel, Bloomers, Emmet Brown, Victoria Brunetta & Kate O’Shea (Durty Books), Just Books, The Library of Common Knowledge, Aidan Wall, Fiona Woods
Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast, 2020

During my time as co-director of Catalyst Arts I curated Common or Garden. The exhibition included works by Chris Alton, Jérôme Bel, Emmet Brown and Aidan Wall. It hosted a zine library, curated by Bloomers, and The Library of Common Knowledge, featuring books donated through an open call which was open for visitors to use throughout.

The associated programme included contributions from Chris Alton, Bloomers, Victoria Brunetta & Kate O’Shea (Durty Words), Just Books and Fiona Woods and facilitated discussions on self-publishing, activism, commonist aesthetics and DIY culture.

Common or Garden uses the gallery as a space to explore processes of exchange, collaboration and learning. It asks: can we build practices rooted in collectivity?

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Supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Art Fund
Images: Simon Mills